By granting a license, third parties can be granted rights to use intellectual property rights. The rights of use may be subject to various conditions, such as the payment of royalties. These conditions of use are laid down in a license agreement between the licensor and the licensee. The subject of a licensing agreement may be, for example, patents, trademarks or designs.

Granting of licenses can be an interesting possibility for you to profitably exploit your intellectual property rights beyond your own use. At the same time, the licensing of third-party intellectual property rights often opens up new business opportunities.

Granting licenses to potential infringers also represents an alternative to filing a law suit against parties that are potentially infringing your rights.

In particular, for technology start-ups and university spin-offs, arriving at an economically reasonable license agreement with the scientific institution often represents one of the major hurdles in the first few months of foundation.

An interesting alternative to licensing can be the direct purchase or sale of intellectual property rights, especially for start-ups which later rely on third-party financing.

We will gladly assist you in concluding a license or purchase agreement for intellectual property rights. Our services include the drafting of contract documents, the examination of existing templates and the handling of the negotiation with the potential contractual partner.